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Sometimes good things are meant to be, and that’s the case with Arabia being with Z Records and announcing their third studio album with the label during its 20th anniversary year. The album will be released during 2018 with definite UK live dates to coinside,

Amazing frontman and vocalist John Blaze has teamed up with Lead guitar ace Vince O’Regan, the pair previously played live together during 2011 and 2012 when Arabia last appeared live in the UK. The two made the following comments about the rebirth of Arabia.

From John

This is John Blaze from Arabia. I can’t believe that it’s been 17 years that I have been a part of the Z Records family of artists. Thanks to Leif Johannson of 21 Guns, I had the great pleasure meeting Mark Alger back in 2000 . Mark and I had similar musical tastes and I knew Mark’s vision of Z Records was founded on the love of hard rock music. Thus, we embarked on our musical journey signing ARABIA in 2000 and releasing the CD 1001 Nights in 2001. In the years

2001 and 2002, I came overseas from NYC and played the UK and Germany. We had some great shows and certainly created some fond memories. Keeping our relationship solid over the years, We then released Welcome To The Freak Show in 2010 leading to an exciting UK performance in 2012. Its at that time that I met the amazing talents of guitarist Vince O’Regan. Vince and I immediately clicked and we remained in touch over the years through Mark.

Now for some exciting new news……Mark, Vince and I are now planning to releasing a new ARABIA CD in 2018. Vince and I are in the early writing stages and hope the ARABIA fans will embrace the new music as they have done in the past. I’d like to wish Mark and Z Records a very happy 20th Anniversary. We look forward to the future of Z Records with many more new releases and exciting releases to come. Congrats Mark, keep on rockin’. -John Blaze

from Vince

It’s now 11 years since I joined the Z Records family. With the demise of Legion I had begun writing new material and at a meeting with Mark from Z I suggested maybe calling John Blaze. The more the writing went on the more I thought John is the man. I called Mark and he chased John down. He and Mark have a very long working relationship and once Mark suggested an Arabia album he immediately agreed to work on the 3rd studio album, I cannot believe how quickly all this has gelled. Obviously I have played with John and Arabia back in 2011 and 2012 so I know that special chemistry is there between us and I cannot wait to get this album nailed – Vince O’Regan

More exciting news to follow

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